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EnvironmentShiraishi Calcium Kaisha, Ltd.

Since November 8, 2004, we have acquired ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems.
We will constantly seek to enhance our in-house environmental management systems, and continuously engage in environmental preservation activities.

ISO 14001 Certification

Certificate No. EC04J0318
Registration Date November 8, 2004
Registered Sites Our 11 offices:
Head Office, Tokyo Branch, Nagoya Branch, Sapporo Office, Sendai Office, Shizuoka Office, Hiroshima Office, Kumamoto Office, Amagasaki Warehouse, Kasukabe Warehouse, Nakagawa Warehouse
Scope of Registration Sales of industrial chemicals and raw materials, textile materials, agricultural and livestock materials, food additives and use that materials for industrial machinery.
Applicable Standards ISO 14001:2015
JIS Q 14001:2015
Validity November 7, 2022
Certification Organization Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality

Japan Hygienic Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association Standard

The following calcium carbonate products conform to the Japan Hygienic Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association (JHOSPA) Positive List relating to food utensils, containers, and packaging.

Product name JHOSPA registration number
Hakuenka CC [B]NJ-0544
Hakuenka CCR
Hakuenka DD
Hakuenka AA
Hakuenka O [B]NJ-0545
Gelton 50
Vigot-10 [B]NJ-13468
Hakuenka U
Hakuenka CCR-B [B]NJ-2747
Whiton [B]NJ-2088
PO filler [B]NL-36006

Customers are responsible for checking conformance of utensils, packaging, and containers to the Food Sanitation Law. Please also carefully read through the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to using the product.

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Shiraishi Calcium undertakes environmentally friendly corporate activities in the knowledge that environmental protection is a key management issue.

Code of Conduct

As a dedicated seller of industrial chemicals, raw materials, fibers, food additives, and agriculture and livestock materials, we are fully aware of the environmental impacts of our business activities, and strive to reduce our environmental burden through operation of our environmental management system.

  • 1) We will undertake our business activities in compliance with various environmental regulations and other requirements.
  • 2) We will build and operate our environmental management system, and work to prevent pollution and make continuous improvements.
  • 3) We will ensure each division and worksite works to produce environmentally friendly products and engages in environmental preservation activities through appropriate use of resources.
  • 4) We will establish environmental goals and targets, continue environmental preservation activities, and strive to make improvements.
  • 5) We will make regular revisions to our Environmental Policy and environmental goals and targets, and make amendments where necessary.
  • 6) We will display this Environmental Policy at each worksite and ensure thorough awareness among all employees.

June 27, 2018

Shiraishi Calcium Kaisha, Ltd. General Manager

Environmentally Friendly and Safe Activities

As a dedicated seller of industrial chemicals, raw materials, fibers, food additives, and agriculture and livestock materials, we are fully aware of the impacts our business activities have on the environment and safety, and we strive to provide products and offer proposals as follows.

Fibers/Environmentally Friendly Products

1) Eco Mark Products: Bemberg (Cupro) Initiatives

We are carrying out active sales promotions for Bemberg as a fiber with low environmental impact.
Applications: Synthetic fabric for clothing, furniture, automobiles (fabric using Bemberg fibers), etc.

2) What are Eco Mark Products?

Eco Marks are given to products that have low environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from manufacture to disposal, and thereby contribute to environmental preservation. The Mark serves to inspire consumers to think about the links between living and the environment, and assist them in choosing products that are environmentally friendly. (Reference: Eco Mark Office)

3) What is Bemberg (Cupro)?

Bemberg (Cupro)1 is a regenerated cellulose fiber produced from short fibers known as cotton linters※2, which are a byproduct of the process which collects cotton fibers from raw cotton.
※1:Bemberg is a registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation. Cupro is the name of the material.
※2:Short fibers which adhere to the seeds of raw cotton.
Reference: The Sen-I News White Paper Issue 6

Provision of Environmentally Friendly Services

Efforts to Improve Product Packaging

We use recycled materials in the containers and packaging used for our products, ensuring effective use of resources. We are also promoting the switch from delivery of products in carboard boxes to delivery of products using returnable containers made from recycled plastic.
Example: Switching to returnable containers for the delivery of fermented condiments