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DirectorsShiraishi Calcium Kaisha, Ltd.

President Tsunehiro Shiraishi General Administration, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, and Information Systems
Executive Vice President Noriaki Kitagawa Assistant to the President, International
Senior Managing Director Hirokazu Itakura Global Business
Managing Director Takayuki Kitatomi Rubber & Chemicals, Plastics & Chemicals, Logistics
Chief, Nagoya Branch Office
Managing Director Kazuyoshi Sato Agri-Food Materials, R&D
Chief, Tokyo Branch Office
Managing Director Hirotake Takanashi General Manager, General Administration Department, Safety, QMS, EMS, Compliance, Affiliated Companies
Chief, Osaka Branch Office
Director Shigeto Oya Accounting & Finance
Outside Director Toshinari Tanaka  
Corporate Auditor Ken Tanaka  
Corporate Auditor Koichi Mori  
Corporate Auditor Akisato Mizuno  
Corporate Auditor Akiyoshi Osaka  
Corporate Officer Katsuhide Takahashi General Manager, Corporate Planning Department
Corporate Officer Yusuke Oyabu General Manager, Rubber & Chemicals Division
Corporate Officer Hiroki Katai General Manager, Plastics & Chemicals Division
Corporate Officer Shunnosuke Nishiba General Manager, Agri-Food Materials Division
Corporate Officer Keiichi Jitsukawa Management of Overseas Affiliates Stationed in Thailand
Corporate Officer Keigo Kawada General Manager, International Division
Corporate Officer Mizuyo Toma Human Resources
Corporate Officer Hirofumi Shimizu Chief Information Officer