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Message from the President

Shiraishi has been actively developing and researching applications for calcium carbonate for 100 years. Although people may not immediately notice their existence, Shiraishi calcium carbonate products are at work throughout their lives.

Such a wide range of calcium carbonate applications owes to the proprietary technologies that have enabled changes in the shape, size, and surface properties of calcium carbonate particles.
These technologies have also made it possible to coordinate the links between calcium carbonate and other materials according to various requirements.
Whether it be reinforcing rubber and plastic products, or adding gloss to paper, calcium carbonate can control the required properties of final products. Our task is to support macro engineering with micro level surfaces —that is to say, our primary focus is on surface technology.

"Technology does not exist unto itself; it exists entirely to make life better." This is where our duty as a company lies. Based on surface technology, Shiraishi strives to create new functionalities by linking products to technologies.
In this way, we will continue our efforts to contribute to society’s development.

President, Shiraishi Kogyo Kaisha, Ltd.

Shiraishi, Tsunehiro