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Shiraishi Group Profile

Shiraishi Group provides a comprehensive range of services, from manufacturing, proposals, processing, and sales, to post-sales analysis. Here we outline the value chain of the Shiraishi Group that helps to cater to the various requirements and issues of its customers.

Shiraishi Group Profil


Limestone is the only mineral resource in Japan that is completely self-sufficient. Using various technologies accumulated over the course of a century, the Shiraishi Group uses limestone to provide a steady supply of high-quality products. As a dedicated manufacturer, we can respond to a range of customer requirements regarding their broad range of products and desired quantities.

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Utilizing our extensive knowledge of processes throughout the supply chain and our high information-gathering capabilities, we can offer proposals that can solve diverse customer issues. As a specialist in fillers, we can propose customer-oriented improvements in everything from materials development, manufacturing processes and logistics operations


Through fine particle-based processing—surface treatment, grinding, classification, and mixing—and the creation of compounds and masterbatches, we contribute to improvements in customer processes. We also offer customized products and samples in small batches.

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Using the comprehensive strength of the Shiraishi Group’s global network, we can respond to the diverse requirements of our customers through our wide product lineup and supply capabilities unique to a dedicated enterprise. As a procurement partner, we can support both domestic and international expansion.

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Our expansive domestic and international network allows us to deliver the products our customers need anytime, anywhere. By adjusting delivery dates and volumes, and proposing ways in which to lower costs, we can also add value to the delivery process.

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We have an abundance of analysis technologies and equipment, while Shiraishi Group researchers with abundant experience in fine particles offer a range of technical support and material analysis. We also contribute to the development of new analysis technologies and participate in international standardization activities.

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Our vast development capabilities in various research fields enable us to develop new technologies and products to respond to customer needs. We are also focusing on basic research into next-generation materials development, and contributing to the development of related industries through external publications and the development of products with the potential to enrich society.

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Service industry

Shiraishi Group companies are also involved in the IT solutions and leisure (operation of golf and tennis practice grounds) businesses, and we seek to make further contributions to society by expanding our business fields in this way.