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The Shiraishi Group conducts analysis using analytical instruments and tests powders in order to provide product development and various technical support.


The wide range of products handled by the Shiroishi Group includes powders such as calcium carbonate, industrial raw materials such as rubber and sealants, fertilizer, and livestock feed. Depending on the type of material, we perform a variety of analysis such as shape observation, composition analysis, and powder characteristic evaluation.
We have always conducted morphology observation since first using a transmission electron microscope to observe precipitated calcium carbonate in 1948. In addition to observation of powder itself, we observe particle dispersion states in host materials such as rubber.
In addition to analyzing the composition of the powder, we also analyze composition of the final product. This is useful for supporting the development of new products, suggesting alternatives, and investigating the causes of defects. We evaluate powder characteristics through testing in compliance international standards, national standards, and industry standards. Furthermore, we perform internally-developed tests to help increase the quality of existing products and support product development.

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