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Paints & Printing inks

We are researching inorganic pigments for improving the colorability, hiding performance, strength, and weather resistance of paints and inks.


Shiraishi Central Laboratories conducts research and development for various pigments used in paints and inks. The role of calcium carbonate in paints is mainly to increase the amount of paint and to reduce costs. However, it also improves various physical properties such as processability, fluidity, optical properties, and mechanical properties.
From a variety of approaches, we are reviewing the possibility of using calcium carbonate in water-based and solvent-based paints.
In particular, calcium carbonate is used in inks to control fluidity.
By improving particle dispersibility which is important for fluidity control, and by improving and developing particle surface treatments for various types of inks, the Shiraishi Group develops products that satisfy customer needs.

Measuring color variance in paint after application to test paper

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