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We are developing various calcium carbonates in order to produce higher performance plastic products by taking advantage of the properties of plastics.


There are various types of plastics. Many products sold on the market as molded products are actually blended with fillers. Through processes such as shape control and surface treatment for calcium carbonate, the Shiraishi Group contributes to improvements in functions such as impact resistance and dimensional stability when blended with plastic.
In addition, blending calcium carbonate with plastic creates an improved appearance. For example, blending can be expected to improve surface smoothness and whiteness.
Shiraishi Central Laboratories is investigating various functional improvements through the following integrated processes: synthesis of calcium carbonate → surface treatment → kneading with resin using an extruder → manufacturing of test samples using an injection molding machine.
Every day, the Shiraishi Group conducts research and development with the aim of creating calcium carbonate that meets the demands of customers who require high functionality.

Headlight extension material

Injection molding machine is used to manufacture resin samples

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