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Adhesives & Sealants

Developing calcium carbonate in order to make painting easier and improve workability.


Shiraishi Central Laboratories develops surface-treated calcium carbonate products for sealants (constructions sealants, adhesives, and automotive plastisol). In such applications, surface-treated calcium carbonate fulfills an important role in improving the workability and mechanical properties of the sealants.
First, surface-treated calcium carbonate is created by combining a wide range of nano-particles and surface modifiers (fatty acids, resin acids, etc.). Next, a kneader is used to create the actual sealant by blending the calcium carbonate. Prior to curing, we use a rheometer, viscometer, flow test, and post-storage viscosity measurement to determine the rheological properties of the sealant. We also study the effect of surface-treated calcium carbonate on sealants by using autographs and hardness meters to measure the mechanical properties after curing.
By utilizing the unique particle size control technology and surface treatment technology that we have cultivated, the Shiraishi Group will continue to develop products that meet customer needs through the combination of new technologies.

Automotive adhesives and sealants

Home adhesives and sealants

Building adhesives and sealants

Evaluating the mechanical characteristics of sealants

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