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1. Accurately conveying the quality of products and merchandise

The Shiraishi Group manufactures and sells a large variety of powder materials.
Normally, powder materials are difficult to handle. Measurement values of physical properties may vary if the handler lacks in-depth knowledge on operation.
In the Shiraishi Group, Shiraishi Central Laboratories utilizes its reliable analysis technology to conduct batch testing for physical properties of powder. This enables us to stably obtain accurate testing results. The Shiraishi Group products and merchandise are delivered together with results of reliable quality tests.

2. Technical support available to customers even after sales

The Shiraishi Group continues to provide services after sales. Shiraishi Central Laboratory has researchers in a wide range of fields such as rubber, plastics, adhesives and sealants, paints and inks, paper, and food products. Based on fundamental data backed by its 100 year history, it provides extensive support for any trouble or problems experienced after sales.
In addition, Shiraishi Central Laboratory has a wide range of analysis instruments, and is prepared to respond quickly and flexibly to customer concerns.

3. Contribution to international standardization activities

The Shiraishi Group recognizes itself as a pioneer who established the world's first industrial production method for calcium carbonate nano-particles. With such awareness, the Group is involved in promoting international standardization activities as a representative of Japanese manufacturers of powder materials.
Specifically, the Group is working to develop international standards (ISO) for product specifications and measurement methods by continuously participating in international conferences of ISO/TC 229, a technical committee on “nanotechnologies”, and ISO/TC 256, a technical committee on “pigments, dyestuffs, and extenders”.

4. Particle dispersion evaluation technology developed by Shiraishi

The applied physical properties of composite materials vary significantly depending on the state of filler dispersion in the host materials. In order to achieve the desired application properties, it is important to measure the distribution of dispersion particle size for filler in the host materials.
The Shiraishi Group has independently developed the following three techniques for evaluating the distribution of dispersion particle size in the host materials.

  • Laser diffraction method
  • Microscopic observation method
  • Dielectric constant measurement method

Based on this evaluation techniques, the Shiraishi Group makes proposals for the manufacturing and kneading of powders which achieve the desired application properties.