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1. Possessing the facilities and environment for detailed support of needs

The Shiraishi Group is expanding the range of fields in which it develops its business. In order to respond to diversifying customer demands, the Group maintains distinctive logistics functions for product management and inventory management at company warehouses.
As a result, we are able to combine loading that matches customer needs even for small-quantity and high-mix products. We have created an environment in which we can propose cost reduction measures and respond to other detailed requests.
For products with fluctuating demand, we analyze the product flow amount, monitor the inventory quantity, and control the delivery date. By doing so, we have constructed a system which constantly responds to our customers’ needs.

The Shiraishi Group is growing closer to customers

2. Cooperating with the sales department to satisfy customer requests

The Shiraishi Group possesses a logistics function that provides one-stop customer services from purchasing materials to delivery and management of receipts/payments. This creates an environment that supports our customers’ sales activities and enables us to focus on making even better proposals to customers.
Through close coordination with sales departments that are at the forefront of responding to customer requests, we can minimize the temporal and monetary costs of logistics by smoothly integrating information required for logistics operations. This enables the Shiraishi Group to provide even better response to customer requests.
The Shiraishi Group continues to provide service even after sales.

3. Utilizing the total power of the Group to enable global response

The Shiraishi Group provides united global support to customers in Japan and overseas.
From domestic manufacturing sites to overseas affiliated companies (local group companies), all organizations in the Group are in close contact with each other and share information in order to accumulate the know-how necessary for transactions. The logistics function of the group fulfills the role of a value chain control center which utilizes the total power of the Group to ensure swift response to customer needs and coordination of mechanisms for the smooth flow of goods.