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1.Solutions for difficulties in powder processing

The Shiraishi Group helps customers solve their problems by using our advanced technological capability, extensive lineup of facilities, and know-how accumulated over 100 years of history. In powder surface treatment, we select the optimal surface treatment agent in accordance with customer requests. We also create high added value such as improved dispersibility, wettability, and reinforcement, while at the same time maximizing the characteristics of various fillers.
The Shiraishi Group is also able to make various proposals to meet our customers’ needs such as contributing to a reduced product defect rate and improved product surface skin by thoroughly removing coarse particles through pulverization and classification. We also accept outsourcing for mixing per customer orders, reducing the amount of measurement work and measurement errors, and improving the work environment. We also use our laboratory equipment to provide small-scale prototypes and samples. Please feel free to contact us.

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2. Provision of small amounts of compounds and masterbatches in accordance with customer requests

We provide compounds and masterbatches by uniformly dispersing inorganic fillers and additives in various types of thermoplastic resins. By using compounds and masterbatches, our customers can easily add functions to polymers and achieve stable quality while simplifying storage, weighing, and kneading operations.
Our technology also eliminates the need to handle powder at the factory, thus improving the work environment and safety. Based on the large amount of merchandise owned by the Shiraishi Group and our nationwide network of processors, we undertake not only standard grade processing but also custom processing in small amounts.

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