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Compounds and Masterbatches

Providing Compounds and Masterbatches in Small Amounts to Meet Your Needs.

We provide compounds and masterbatches in which inorganic fillers and additives are uniformly dispersed in various thermoplastic resins.
Using compounds and masterbatches simplifies storage, weighing, and kneading operations and makes it easy to add functions to polymers. This achieves stable quality.
Furthermore, since there is no need to handle powder in the factory, the work environment and safety are improved.
Based on the abundant merchandise owned by the Shiraishi Group and our nationwide customer service network, we accept orders not only for standard grades, but also for custom products from small quantities.


MAT Series

MAT is a masterbatch in which inorganic fillers and additives are homogenized via our unique dispersion technology in various thermoplastic resins.
By mixing in each polymer, several functions can be easily added.
Also, efficient measuring and mixing is possible by pelletizing powder and liquid raw materials that were difficult to handle using current equipment. Pelletizing also improves the work environment by reducing the generation of dust.

General Grades

Base material Base polymer Concentration Results of adopting materials
Calcium carbonate PP
〜80% Breathable film
Talc Automotive interior
Materials for daily life
Mica Automotive interior materials
Calcium oxide Various films
Carbon black LDPE 40% Automotive interior materials

Custom Support

The grades listed in the table are standard grades. In addition, you can select base polymers (olefins, super engineering plastics, etc.), fillers, organic compounding agents, etc., according to your requirements.
Moreover, if a small amount is prototyped on a lab machine and it is adopted for use, we will respond to commercialization by our customers through manufacturing at our affiliated processing companies.
Please feel free to contact us regarding any requests that you may have.


CMB / Color MB

For information on various carbon masterbatches (CMB) and color masterbatches, please contact your sales representative.
We will introduce and propose CMB and color MB manufacturers that meet customer needs.