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IMAGE : RubberWe are taking an active role in the world rubber industry with our good materials, technical capabilities and voluminous information. When you set up a new rubber factory, we are confident of meeting your requirements, from raw and processed materials to manufacturing equipment.
[Staple article] Polymers, Carbon black, Process oil, Calcium carbonate, Rubber chemicals, etc...
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IMAGE : PlasticsWe are supplying a wide range of plastic additives and compounds from filler to ultraviolet absorbent. And, we are committed to meeting customer-specific requirements such as special formulations.
[Staple article] Fillers, Plastic additives, Compounds, Synthetic resins, Plastic chemicals, etc...
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Industrial Textile
IMAGE : Industrial TextileWe have an integrated manufacturing system that covers everything from textile thread to dyeing and finishing. As for synthetic leather for furniture, vehicles, gloves and footwear, we can offer the most suitable fabric whatever your application is.
[Staple article] Fabric for synthetic leather, Functional materials.
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IMAGE : PaperWe are the sole distributor in Japan who deals with the three major pigments for paper, Kaolin clay, WGCC and PCC (SHIRAISHI KOGYO).
[Staple article] Fillers (PCC, GCC, Kaolin clay), Dispersing agents, etc...
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Paints & Coatings
IMAGE : Paints & Coatings Paints serve effectively as a coating and a psychological effect by providing a beautiful color, and resultantly enhance value. We are aiming at pleasing and inspiring our customers to change their surroundings. We supply materials that can bring out beauty and stand up to harsh conditions.
[Staple article] ] Fillers (PCC, GCC, Kaolin clay, Silica, Bentonite, Talk...), Ultraviolet absorbent, etc...
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Sealants & Adhesives
IMAGE : Sealants & AdhesivesSealants and adhesives are essential materials for the construction and automobile industries. Calcium carbonate contributes to them as a viscosity controller, and gives approval for working property and improvement for the life.
[Staple article] Fillers (PCC, GCC, Kaolin clay, Silica, Calcium Oxide...)
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Food & Pharmaceutical
IMAGE : Food & PharmaceuticalOn a base of calcium carbonate supply, we deliver "Delicacy", "Safety" and "Health" to you. We give the highest priority to "Safety" in supplying seasonings, conditioning agents and enrichments.
[Staple article] ] Calcium carbonate for food additives and Pharmaceutical, Minerals, Liquors, etc...
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IMAGE : AgricultureOur products contribute to the reduction of negative factors in "picking", "distribution" and "storage". We help you in your efforts to grow high value-added.
[Staple article] CLEF-NON, CELL-BINE, MC cardboard, CS -PACK, etc...
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Livestock breeding
IMAGE : Livestock breedingLivestock breeders must take care of the health of their livestock. Our products help them do just that.
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