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We conduct repeated research on a daily basis in order to optimize the reaction conditions needed to obtain the required properties of calcium carbonate.



Precipitated calcium carbonate is industrially manufactured by using CO2 gas bubbling method.
In the CO2 gas bubbling method, shape-controlled calcium carbonate is obtained through the following three steps.
The method of using CO2 generated in the calcination process for the carbonation process is sometimes called the “Shiraishi Method.” This method was invented by Tsuneji Shiraishi, the founder of the Shiraishi Kogyo.
(1) Calcination CaCO3 ➝ CaO + CO2
(2) Hydration CaO + H2O ➝ Ca(OH)2
(3) Carbonation Ca(OH)2 + CO2 ➝ CaCO3 + H2O
Calcium carbonate with different particle shapes and sizes can be produced by changing conditions such as temperature and time for each process.
The process group is conducting research every day to optimize the reaction conditions which are required to produce calcium carbonate with the desired properties.

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